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This Storyline takes place in the time of STO and Nemesis. All Technology is at that timeframe's development state. Except for things your local Simming Team comes up with.

Starfleet has received word that their allies have developed a new faster than warp drive called the "Shadow Drive", reportedly more stable than Trans-Warp, though not quite as fast.

Invited to witness the test flight of the Vulcan Science Ship "Nisa", the Federation deploys its leading military research vessel, the Ascension Class Starship U.S.S. Pulsar to oversee the test flight and to provide additional security and support to our allies during this exciting time.

The mission of the U.S.S. Pulsar's Crew is to ensure that this milestone in technological advancement is carried out smoothly, and to gather as much data on the first flight as they can.

* * * * *

Season 1: Episode 2 - The Shadow Drive

This episode will take place on September 14th, for details check out our Events page!

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Season 1: Episode 1 - Shadows in the Light

PositionCharacterPlayed by
Fleet AdmiralSolokT'Pel Kestra
CaptainT'Pel KestraT'Pel Kestra
First OfficerCarrie KeelerMackenzie Soul
Chief Tactical OfficerThelin ShranCameron
Chief Medical OfficerDoctor Mark HarmonCognizance
Chief Science OfficerNicole RyanTrinity
Communications OfficerN'k TarrineTanya
Junior Science OfficerAlex EriksonMajin Kaze
RedshirtD. E. AdmanSarek
Darth Sidious as Ambassador V'Lar and Various NPCs


Having received their orders from Fleet Admiral Solok, The Pulsar and her crew set to rendezvous with the Vulcan Ambassador to escort him to the testing grounds of the Nisa.

While on route, some drama broke out on board, with mysterious use of Lt. Erikson's access codes, leading to suspicions of a security leak, and no-body seems to be where they were supposed to be either!

Eventually they arrived to pick up the Ambassador, whom was none too impressed with the delays thus far, but was in for a treat when encountered with a sassy half Vulcan Captain who wasn't going to take his attitude. The Captain didn't get much respite after dumping the Ambassador in his quarters when she finds out that Commander Keeler has mysteriously died!

Medical scans unveiled that there was poison in the Commander's blood, revealing the fact that her death was no mere accident! As the crew scramble to find who the culprit is, they arrive at their destination to be greeted by Captain Al'Vic of the Nisa.

In case you would like to witness the complete series of events, which happened during the Anniversary 2013,
a video recording chatsave is available here!