Note: Simming by Forum has slightly different rules which are stated on this Forum-Thread!

Live Simm Event Rules

During official Live Simm events the word of the Simm Leader is always final!

  1. Respect the Outpost10F Prime Directive at any time - as with all OTF-related projects!
  2. Be realistic according to the nature of the Universe. (No Vulcan has a lightsaber, sorry!)
  3. Don't kill or seriously harm a person unless indicated by that person or the Simm Leader/Assistant.
  4. The first post always counts. Following posts that disagree with the first post are invalid. Remember to allow fellow simmers to respond to an action before creating more action.
  5. Simmers who argue (unless in character) will be ignored and handled by Simm Security Force (SSF).
  6. Keep true to strengths, education and limitations of your character. (No God-Modding/Power Playing)
  7. Do not force people to simm if they have no desire to.
  8. Always put "SIMMING" or "SIM" in the subject box so that non-simming patrons know that your posts are part of the Sim.
  9. When speaking out of character use "OOC: (What you want to say)" that way everyone knows that you are not simming at that point in time.
  10. When present, the Simm Leader's word is final (unless over-ridden by ISA/SSF).

Rule violators forfeit their place in the Simm!
There will be one warning, after that the matter will be handled by ISA/SSF!

You are welcome to watch or participate, but please keep your chatting down and try not to address people who are participating in the Simm, as this can be very distracting.
If you wish to join the Simm in progress, just ask the Host or Assistant if there is an open slot.

After the live Simming Events, Duty and Personal Logs can be posted onto the Forums if simmers wish so.