This is a project of the Entertainment Department of the Outpost 10F Community, created and run by its members.

Our goal is to organize and host simming events for this community. They will take the form of episodic "Live Sims" which take place inside the OTF chatroom, while the "Play by Forum RP" allows players to continue storylines between those live events.

Simming itself is the act of role-playing over the internet, usually in a live chat environment: Each player takes the role of one character and controls their actions in the Sim, helping to advance the progress of the storyline.
This can also be done on Forums, allowing players to take more time to think about their next actions, which creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Keep an eye on the news and events sections of this website to keep up to date on upcoming projects and Live Sim dates!
However, important information will also be posted on the OTF Updates Board.

Also, we would like to remind everyone to observe the rules of Simming. These are inplace to ensure the continued enjoyment of everyone participating.

And Remember:
The only limit is your Imagination!